Late Nite

from by Cool Teen

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cigarettes in the fishbowl, bottles in the swimming pool
still fighting fights that you should've lost in high school
still feels like you're 22 going on nothing

the dog's barking while you're pulling on your work boots
daydreaming 'bout the weeds and their taproots
go down deep and maybe someday you'll get 'em

girls waking up on the couches under a warm sun
you heard that lying keeps you young
I guess you've always been too truthful

you ain't got enough in your gas tank or your ATM
remember when the rules would bend,
just 'cause you were young and hopeful?

I've heard the ghosts in the subway halls
say devils cry when angels fall
I'm not answering your late night calls
won't be a part of your next downfall
days turn to nights but the nights still crawl
spend all of them staring at your bedroom wall
you can lie all you want but it won't change at all
the city's so big and you're just damn small

she said she wasn't angry but she still called you a bastard
still got her silver necklace ridin' round your dashboard
she went down south for school, guess you'll never see her

there's oil slicks in the river, you still swam until the sunset
who would've thought that your future was your biggest threat
close your eyes, and dream of California

boys waking in the morning under a hard sun
you heard that resting keeps you young
guess you've always been too focused

you heard about the devil and the sinner and the world to come
but the preacher's words just left you numb
so you kept on making ends meet

you asked me what I thought our lives would bring in the next few years
well I know I've got a lot of fears
I hope I don't only have fears

so I dreamt about a road trip and a new state and the setting sun
and I realized when that dream was done
that I'm worried 'bout the end to come

I know I'm not perfect but I think I try to try my best
so when the world calls me down to rest
I'll know that I fought my hardest


from With Aliens, released February 13, 2017



all rights reserved


Cool Teen Ithaca, New York

Not a teen, and not that cool, but still making emo singer-songwriter music about small towns, house shows and aliens.

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